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Adopt an animal today with WWF - Only £3 per Month

WWF are offering you the chance to "adopt" an endangered animal and help to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction. Animal Adoptions make great gifts and are ideal for almost all occassions. The animals available for adoption are listed below:

Adopt a Panda Adopt an Elephant Adopt a Tiger Adopt a Rhino Adopt an Orang-Utan Adopt a Dolphin
Adopt a Panda Adopt an Elephant Adopt a Tiger Adopt a Rhino Adopt an Orang-utan Adopt a Dolphin

Why Adopt an Animal?

Animal Adoption is an easy way to make a crucial difference to the survival chances of many endangered species, including Pandas, Tigers, Orang-Utans, Dolphins, Rhinos and Elephants. Please consider adopting an animal so that these creatures are still around 100 years from now. It would be a tragedy if all we had to remember these animals by was pictures and video footage. Adopt an animal today and do your bit for the wildlife and nature conservation effort. Give someone a gift they will never forget.

When you adopt an animal from WWF, you will receive a gift pack which includes an adoption certificate, a print of your animal, facts about the adopted species, a greetings card, tips on how to follow a greener lifestyle, WWF computer screensavers, and a soft toy. You'll also receive quarterly updates on your animal and on the conservation effort in general.

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