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Adopt a Dolphin today with WWF - Only £3 per Month

Adopt a Dolphin TodayBottlenose dolphins are wild, intelligent and inquisitive mammals. Dolphins face a multitude of dangers, such as fishing, pollution, collisions with ships, entanglement in fishing gear and habitat degradation.

From just £3 a month you can adopt the Ileach dolphins. Your money will help WWF to continue to protecting marine species and the oceans in which they live, and conserve our natural world.

Click Here to adopt the Ileach Dolphins

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Adopt a Panda Adopt an Elephant Adopt a Tiger Adopt a Rhino Adopt an Orang-utan

Help WSPA to end animal cruelty

Please donate to WSPAFor 25 years WSPA, The World Society for the Protection of Animals, has travelled to the farthest flung reaches of the planet in the name of animal welfare. Please consider helping them in their campaign to end bear bile farming. Bear bile is believed to have medical properties and they are kept in awful conditions where their bile is farmed by a tube which is attached to a permanent would in their stomach. For just £3 per Month you can make a real difference to their campaign and help bring about the end of this barbaric practice. Click here to donate to WSPA.

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